Guest Post: My Mom’s First Stitch Fix Experience– an A+!

I am so excited to have my first guest post on the blog today! My lovely Mom, Beth, writes on her first Stitch Fix experience, below. In short, she loved it!!


Just to show you that Stitch Fix isn’t just for the young (and skinny) I am going to swallow my pride and let Julie post pictures of me in the clothes from my first fix. I am sure almost all of Julie’s readers are way younger than me, but I figure they have moms and they want them to look cute too, right? :).  So do your mom a favor and give her a Stitch Fix gift certificate, like Julie gave me!

Like Julie, I had read about Stitch Fix a while ago, but didn’t think it would work for me. I mean, I am not super trendy and I don’t want to look 25. But the shopping options in Moscow, Idaho are pretty limited. There’s basically just Macy’s, Maurices and Old Navy. So you often end up with the same clothes as people you know. One Sunday I showed up at church in the same dress as one of my daughter’s 16 year old friends. She was probably way more embarrassed than me, but still- not good!

We usually go to Spokane a couple times a year for a major shopping spree, but I get exhausted at the mall so don’t end up with that much. Plus, I am super indecisive, and can never remember what else I have in my closet, so I often get home and want to return some things , or regret items I passed by. Finally, I am TERRIBLE at putting together outfits, so unless it’s a dress I’m never sure what will really look good together. And even with a dress, there’s still a necklace and shoes to match- so basically I’m sunk. :-).

Not only does Stitch Fix select clothes to fit your lifestyle, taste and body type, but they send you a “style card” (see below) which shows you what to wear with the items they sent- down to jewelry and shoes- yay! If this works, it will make my life so much easier and I’ll look so much more put together, so I decided to give it a try.

Before scheduling my first fix I did my homework. I read loads of reviews, and blog posts about “how to get the best fixes from Stitch Fix.” The best tip I got was to use a pinterest board. I love pinterest but 90% of what I pin is recipes- some of which I have actually made :-). Before this I had pinned almost no clothing. But I created a board titled “Stitch Fix” and started pinning away. Then, per instructions from bloggers, I meticulously commented on each pin- “I love this top, but not the color.” “Pinned this one for the scarf”, “Like this dress but it’s too short for me” etc.  Then I shared the board on my “Stitch Fix profile” which you create when you sign up (and can edit at any time).

I think my “hard work” paid off. My first fix was a 4/ 5 and almost a 5/ 5 (more on this later). Supposedly Stitch Fix considers 2/ 5 to be a success, and as long as you buy one item and don’t lose your $20 styling fee it’s worth it. So I hit the jackpot. I was so excited.

Here’s my actual review of Fix #1:

I excitedly grabbed my box and headed to Julie’s for the fashion show. Everything looked promising to me, but I started with the one that looked the most “me”: the Willa Dress from Collective Concepts. I had asked for some cute fall dresses (you can request specific type so items before each fix) and it definitely fit the bill. BUT–

Oh no- it was too tight in the bust and hips! I remedied the bust problem by adding a cami and wearing it unbuttoned, but it was just too snug in the hips. It looked fine under a jacket (more on the jacket later), so if the fabric had some give it would have worked, but it felt like a straightjacket. I should send it back, but I am hoping to lose some weight, so if everything else works it might be worth keeping. (if you keep all 5 items you get a 25% discount on everything so it would end up being free).

Verdict: Undecided 


DSC_0833 (2)

I was really worried though as I got ready to try on the next item. What if everything was too small? That would be a major blow to my ego, not to mention a waste of money. Fortunately my fears were unfounded. The next item fit great, as did everything else.

I tried on the Papermoon Girtha dress. It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for – it was sleeveless and seemed a bit too summery, but Julie convinced me that with a jacket or cardigan and tights it would transition well into fall. I also didn’t think it was super flattering on me, but Julie insisted it was, and my husband and the half a dozen other people I tried it on for 🙂 agreed. Plus is was super comfy.

Verdict: Keeping


Next I pulled out the Kolby printed skirt from Gilli. It was not like anything I would have tried on in the store but I had to admit it was cute. And oh so soft and stretchy- it fit like a dream. Everyone thought it looked great on me, and most importantly I felt pretty in it. And it is so versatile. I pulled blouses, cardigans and scarves out of my closet and was able to make 15 outfits that I loved.

Verdict: Absolutely keeping


They sent the Le Sample Hasset V-neck blouse to go with the skirt and It did look great with the skirt, either tucked in or loose. I loved the subtle pattern on the front and back of the bodice that made it lots nicer than a simple black tank blouse. The style card suggested I wear it with jeans and I tried that too and was happy with the look.

Verdict: Keeping


Finally,they sent a denim jacket, Zayn by Kut from the Kloth, to go with both of those dresses as well as the skirt. I had asked for a “go with everything cardigan or soft jacket” (you can make specific requests in the “notes to your stylist” before each fix). So I guess they fulfilled my request, but it was definitely not what I was expecting. And if I had thought about it I would have written “no denim jacket” because I already had one. Why pay $88 for a new denim jacket when I had one? But this one was a good bit shorter than mine and I suspected it would hit me in a better spot and look nicer with the dresses. I tried both on and the shorter one did look much better. Plus, I thought back and calculated that my jacket was at least 8 years old, maybe closer to 10, so I felt justified replacing it.

Verdict :Keeping with reservations


Back to the first dress- since I was keeping 4 of the 5 items, keeping the 5th would trigger the 25% discount. Not only would the dress be free, but I’d save $5 on the rest of the order. So I am keeping it too. I haven’t decided if I will save it and hope I lose weight or try to sell it. There are several facebook groups dedicated to selling extra Stitch Fix items. 

Overall experience: A+. I loved getting the clothes in the mail, being able to try them on (repeatedly) at my leisure, mix and match with items in my closet, and show them to family and friends before deciding. Plus, my stylist, Ashley, did a great job figuring out my style and stretching me just a little bit. I bought several items I never would have tried on in the store. The prices were a good bit higher than I usually pay (I almost never buy anything that’s not on sale) but I think it’s totally worth it to have someone pick out my clothes for me, and for the stress-free shopping experience. I have already scheduled my next fix and am trying to lower my expectations to not hope for another 5/ 5. Oh and the best part- my husband was thrilled! He even asked me to try and find a “Stitch Fix for men” 🙂


Wasn’t that a great review? I think Stitch Fix did a fantastic job styling my mom! Click HERE to give my mom some referral credit and try it for yourself!!


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