Two ways to tie a (non)infinity scarf

I had a request asking me to give a tutorial on how I tied my scarf for my First Stitch Fix Review, so today I wanted to show you my two favorite ways to tie an non-infinity scarf! I am very partial to infinity scarfs because they are simple and easy to tie, and they don’t conceal your shirt underneath the way a standard scarf does. But I do have several standard scarfs with patterns and texture that I absolutely love, so how do I get past it?

Well, here is the most basic way: MAKE it an infinity scarf! Many of you probably know how to do this already, so feel free to skip on the the second tutorial!

Start by folding your scarf in half end to end. Then knot the two corners, like this (I also knot the middle to keep it from gaping):


It will look like this:


Open it up and form it into a circle

Then place it around your neck (just as you would an infinity scarf), knots to the back.


Make it into a figure 8…


Place the lower loop around your neck… and you’ve got yourself an infinity scarf!

This is it looped twice. You can also loop three times for more bulk.


My second favorite way to tie a scarf is the way I had it in my Stitch Fix post– a kind of braid:

Start with the scarf around your neck, one side longer than the other. For this tutorial, let’s say the right side.

Scarf Step 1

Take the long end and flip it around your neck. Then even out the length of the ends so that they are the same.

Scarf Step 2

Next, take your left hand over and through the loop around your neck

Scarf Step 3

With that left hand, pull the right side up through that same loop. But don’t pull it all the way through. Leave the end still tucked.

Scarf Step 5

Finally, take the left end through the loop you have on the right side.

Scarf Step 4 ,

Pull tight!

Scarf Step 6

And you’re done! A simple, easy scarf braid!

Scarf Step 7

I know it looks confusing, but I had my husband try it and even he was able to manage it on the first try! So hopefully it will be just as straightforward for you when you try it out! Comment below if you have any questions

And there ya go! My two favorite ways to tie a non-infinity scarf! There are so so many other ways — Google, Pinterest and YouTube are all great reference sites! Check them out for more fun ideas 🙂


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