“But What About Color…?”: More Capsule Questions Answered!


Fall is officially here– at least according to the calendar! And now that the season is upon us, I’ve heard from several people, “I really want to start a capsule wardrobe for the Fall, I’ve done a lot of purging, but I just can’t commit hook, line and sinker to the capsule rules.” Well, guys, you don’t have to! Remember, there don’t have to be rules about putting together a capsule wardrobe. There are options if you would like to stick to rules, but the only real “rule” is to love what you own and only own pieces you actually wear.

The number of items you choose to have is totally flexible!
 Courtney from Project333 chose 33 items including accessories, Caroline from Un-Fancy picked 37 not including accessories. The list goes on. I hover around 35-40 and don’t include accessories, but I’m not super hard-and-fast about it. I try not to shop, but I do allow myself to add an item if I see it during the capsule months, if it fits well into my current wardrobe, and if I fall in love with it. So flexibility is totally ok. I definitely think it can be helpful to give yourself a ballpark number of items to keep when planning your capsule, because it really helps you pinpoint your style and discover your very favorite pieces. But maybe you love something too much to let it go, but it goes over your preferred number of items? Feel free to try what I did! Keep it in your closet, hang it near the back. If you wear it and don’t have to force it into your wardrobe, perfect! If you never end up wearing it, then donate it. I did that with a few items after the Summer months, and it was easier for me to donate them when I realized I really never *did* reach for them.

But I have a confession here… where I broke my own “rule”. I have a striped cardigan from H&M that I think I should love! It makes me happy every time I see it, and it makes me happy when I wear it, but guys, I NEVER EVER DO wear it. And I don’t know why! I kept it in the back of closet when prepping my Spring and Summer capsules, and I still couldn’t do away with it when I put together my Fall capsule. I don’t really have a sentimental association with it, I just *love* it and can’t let it go. But something about it just doesn’t seem to meld with the rest of my wardrobe, so I never pull it out. I will probably donate/consign it when Spring rolls around, and I can no longer convince myself that it will work in a capsule, but for now it is still hanging there.

What you choose is totally up to you, don’t overthink it. Keep it simple. I originally thought having a capsule wardrobe meant every bottom had to go with every top, which had to go with every sweater, which had to go with every scarf, etc. I could not do it; it was just TOO MUCH black and white for me! I would Pinterest search “Colorful Capsule Wardrobes” because I wanted variety, print, pattern, and color (I even wish I had more of all those things in my wardrobe and might try to incorporate more into the Winter capsule). But I finally decided that didn’t have to be my rule; I would just mix and match as well as I could. For example, I have a pair of burgundy pants and 2 burgundy sweaters… definitely do not go together. But you know what, that’s fine. I can pair those burgundy pants with 10+ other tops in my capsule. I’ll survive. I have been frustrated when I’m really in the mood to wear my burgundy knit pants, and I can’t wear my cozy burgundy cardigan with them (and sometimes I do around the house ;)), but I’ve been able to make it work. And even when I had 2 or 3x as many clothes, I still sometimes had this problem. So you can totally make the matching rule for yourself if you want to, or you can just be a little more flexible and work around it. You can have patterned/colorful tops (I lean more that way) and basic bottoms, or patterned/colorful bottoms and basic tops. You will probably be a LOT happier if you choose one of those categories to be the interesting one instead of both, but still, that is up to you.

Capsules can blend into one another. I mentioned budgeting last week, but forgot to mention this as well. Fall and Spring capsules will definitely be your most expensive (particularly Fall – so don’t get discouraged if this is your first season trying a capsule)! For summer, you can just add in a couple pairs of shorts and a tank or two, and you’re set! For Winter, a heavy coat, some warm Duck boots maybe (if you live somewhere wet and snowy), and a couple of heavier sweaters. But you won’t need much! And you can even roll over from the completely opposite season if you would like. If you have a fun sundress that you don’t want to store under the bed for 6 months, layer it with a cardigan and tights, and keep it in your Fall wardrobe. It is perfectly acceptable, and looks adorable. Rolling items over is awesome, and you should do it if you can. It saves money, time, and effort. Don’t look past ways to transition an item to the next season.  Be creative!

You can always accessorize. This may be obvious to some people, but when I was first looking into the idea of a capsule wardrobe, I told a friend that it was just too much boring and neutral for me. I loved color too much to make it work. And she said, “I think you’re supposed to go neutral and accessorize with a color to make the outfit pop.” Sure, I thought, but does that work well enough? And yes! I think it definitely can (especially in Fall with Plaid and SCARFS!!!). Statement necklaces, scarfs, earrings, patterned flats! Don’t feel like you always have to wear a neutral top and a pair of jeans. Go for that if you’re looking for a basic, casual outfit, but you can always make an outfit pop with a scarf or a fun necklace, too. It can change your look with almost no effort at all.

As soon as I get a chance (aka buy more fabric…), I will post a quick tutorial for a 30 minute DIY infinity scarf to help you accessorize with this Fall. J I can be so impatient once I get an idea in my head, and as soon as it started to get cooler, I was on the hunt for a plaid scarf to jazz up my Fall neutrals. So after sweeping through our tiny mall with no luck, I popped into JoAnns and fell in love with some plaid fabrics. Then I went back with a coupon a couple of days later (download the JoAnns App! Easy access coupons whenever you need them!), and made 2 scarfs that afternoon during my kiddos’ naptimes. I can’t wait to show you how quick and fun they are to make! Be on the lookout for the post, and happy Fall!

Also, please feel free to leave feedback with questions or comments! I would love to hear from you and help you get started on your new wardrobe journey 🙂

*Also, if you’re interested, the necklace above can be found here. It is also currently 40% off, so grab it now if you want a fun Fall necklace to add a pop to your capsule!


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