30 Minute DIY Plaid Infinity Scarf and Free GIVEAWAY!


DIY 30 Min Plaid Infinity Scarf

EDIT (10/5/15): Giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Nicole G (via Instagram) who won the scarf! Thank you all for your entries!

Colorful scarfs and statement necklaces have been my go-to accessories this Fall to help make an outfit pop when I’m working with a lot of neutrals in my capsule. So today, I wanted to share with you a quick tutorial for making your own fun infinity scarf for the season! It’s easy, fun, and really should only take you about 1/2 hour-1 hr (at the very most)!

I am also GIVING AWAY the herringbone scarf featured in this tutorial to one lucky winner! To enter, please just comment below this post (or on FB/Instagram) with one quick line saying what your favorite go-to Fall accessory is! For more entries, share the tutorial to your FB, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest account and just drop me a line and let me know so I can add additional entries (one for each share!). The giveaway will be closed Sunday night (Oct 4) at midnight PST!

On to the tutorial!

You will need:

  • 1 yard of your favorite plaid, flannel, or jersey knit fabric (should be 44 inches wide). Regular cotton fabric doesn’t work well for this tutorial because it is a bit stiff to give a nice drape
  • A Sewing Machine, Scissors, Pins, etc
  • Coordinating Thread
  •  Iron/Ironing Board

1. Start by taking your fabric and folding it in half, short sides together (So if your fabric is 1 yard long (36 inches), you will fold it so that the fabric is 18″x44″).


2. Cut or carefully tear the fabric in half along the fold, giving you two pieces of fabric, approximately 18″ wide and 44″ long. If you tear the fabric and it puckers like mine did, gently smooth the puckers and pull flat.


3. Take your two pieces of fabric, and place them end to end, right sides together. Be careful to line up the pattern as well as you can. Pin.

4. Sew the two pieces together with a straight seam (1/4 inch seam allowance).


5. Lay flat. Your scarf should now measure approximately 18″x 87″. Boy was this hard to get a picture of!


6. Next, fold in half lengthwise (Right Sides Together), as shown below (9″ x 87″).


7. Carefully pin down the length of the scarf, matching the pattern. This is the most time consuming part! I didn’t worry about this nearly as much when making my other plaid scarfs. The busyness of the pattern hid the unevenness. So if you are going for a really quick project, and the lines are less distinctive, you can use less pins, etc.


8. Straight stitch down the length of the scarf, being careful to sew the seams in the middle down flat when you get to them.


This will give you one very long tube of fabric.


9. Now choose one end of your long tube (which should still be inside out), and fold it over about 1/2 inch, ironing the fold flat.


Take special care to iron the seam flat as well.


10. Turn tube right side out, and, being quite careful not to twist the scarf, place the frayed, un-ironed edge, and insert it about 1/2 inch into the ironed end.


11. Pin, carefully matching seam to seam, and pattern to pattern (on both front and back). My seams in this part of the tutorial did not match up perfectly, so one side sticks out a bit more than the other. However, when you wear the scarf, just put this seam to the back, and voila! You can’t even see it!


12. Top stitch the two ends together (you can use a smaller seam allowance here to make a less noticeable topstitch), and you have your infinity scarf!!


Color, pattern, and texture for your wardrobe!



Also, the fabric for this tutorial cost me a little over $6 including tax, so it’s a pretty inexpensive way to accessorize! Even at full price, the plaids at JoAnns are only $9.99/yard. But to save even more, just wait for a good sale or a 40% off coupon! JoAnn’s has them nearly every week. Plus, their great app makes coupons easily accessible all of the time. No more forgetting the flyer at home or searching through your email at the register (I have definitely done both! So I love the app!!). 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the tutorial! And remember, comment for a chance to win your own infinity scarf for this Fall season!


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