9 Different Ways to Style Your Burgundy Skinny Pants

One of my favorite blogs that I follow is Audrey over at Putting Me Together! She is a mom as well as a fashion blogger, so she has a lot of GREAT posts about mixing and matching various items for a capsule wardrobe that is definitely mom-friendly. She has such a fun style, and I have really enjoyed reading and gleaning ideas from her posts! I’m sure you have seen some of her fabulous tips on Pinterest, but if you are interested in capsule wardrobes and versatile pieces, definitely head over to her blog and check her out!

Anyhow, when I saw Audrey’s recent post on how to wear olive skinny jeans, it inspired me to share some ideas on how to wear one of my FAVORITE Fall staples, burgundy skinny pants. I wear my pair constantly. They are comfortable and fun, and add a great pop of color to my neutral tops (so I don’t even have to accessorize)! They are stretchy, soft, and mid-rise, making them so mom-appropriate with all the bending over and squatting I do trying to keep up with my little ones.

Here are 9 ways I love to style them!

DSC_1603b DSC_1573b DSC_1616b    DSC_1595b DSC_1518b DSC_1538bDSC_1527b DSC_1577c DSC_1559d

So as you can see, LOTS of grays, whites and navy, but the burgundy really helps add interest to a simple ensemble, don’t you think? I forgot to pair them with my flats as well, but I do that often, and they go just as well with those, too!

Below are a few links to find a pair of your own (ranging from $20-$170)!

1.  Maurices Smart Ponte Pant in Harvest Wine2. Paige Denim Transcend - Edgemont' Ultra Skinny Jeans (Sweet Wine) 3.Old Navy Long Pixie Pants in MarionBerry

4. H&M High Waisted Burgundy Pants5. Maison Jules Ankle Zip Detail Ponte Pants in Burgundy

1. Maurices Smart Ponte Pants (these are the ones I own!). Currently only available in a couple of sizes, but should come back into stock! Also available in black, gray, and teal.

2. Paige Denim ‘Transcend-Edgemont’ Ultra Skinny Jeans in Sweet Wine

3. The Long Pixie Pant by Old Navy in Marion Berry (also available in several other colors and prints)

4. Slim-fit high waist pant from H&M in burgundy

5. For something a little more interesting, try the Maison Jules pants with zipper detail!

What about you? Do you have burgundy pants for this Fall? If so, what do you most like to pair with them? And if not, what is your favorite colorful staple for this season? I’d love to hear from you!


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